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Over the past 10 years more and more shop fronts have been badly damaged by acid and scratched graffiti. This graffiti is usually caused by forcing a metal or ceramic object over the surface of the glass, leaving your window with a gang tag or offensive word on it. the only way to remove it until recently was to replace your glass.

Not any more now we can repair your glass and save you the hassle of replacing the glass and at a fraction of the cost.

There are two repair options offered to our client's.


Option one and the most popular is glass scratch removal and final polish. This option is ideal if the attack on your glass was a one off and you don't expect the glass to be reoffended.


Option two is glass scratch removal and final polish followed by anti graffiti film. This option is ideal if you believe your glass may be reoffended. If your glass is re-attacked only the film will be damaged, not the glass therefore only the film will need to be replaced. Which will save you money in the future.


The results of our repairs are so impressive that we are able to restore the glass to GGF, NHBC and B.S visual clarity standard. which means little if any visible distortion.

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Common Repair Damage


Glass scratch removal

Sand paper damage

Etched graffiti

Grinder splatter

Chemical damage

Chip & shell repair

Glass & window filming

Lime damage

Cleaner damage

Bomb blast film

Public transport repair & Protection

Weld splatter

Glass polishing

Anti graffiti film

Scratched glass floors

Scratched tables

Scratched ceramic hobs



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